Study Guide

The idea that drives That Catholic Show is simple: catechetical instruction can be fun and entertaining, especially when exploring Catholic culture and those things Catholics take for granted but don’t really think about too deeply.

Although the episodes can stand alone and provide a glimpse at the depth of  Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Tradition, the brief playing time of each episode of That Catholic Show makes it a perfect set-up for instructional use.

The versatility of the series lends itself to a variety of uses, from middle school and high school instructional aids to conversation starters in RCIA classes. It’s good for the practicing Catholic in the pews, too, who might be looking for a little more.

Host Jennifer Willits takes the viewers along on activities that are typical for any level of the faithful — she takes hikes, visits churches, does the laundry. She demonstrates the wisdom and practical applications of the Catholic faith in daily living.

This video series is available for free to parishes for use in their faith formation classes at all levels. A downloadable study guide with suggested activities is also available.

Watch videos streaming  from the website or order copies of That Catholic Show DVD and download the PDF for That Catholic Show Study Guide .